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SDC Bank Ltd., then Shramik Sahakari Bank Ltd., was established on 11-02-1973 by late Shri Sahebraoji Deshmukh. In adverse conditions, Sahebraoji, with his hard work, sincerity, foresight and strong desire to help financially poor people, has brought the bank to such a sound financial institution having 14 computerised branches with head office at Sakinaka.

The Bank's financial position for the year-end 31-03-2009 shows that bank has crossed deposits of 285 crores, advances 215 crores, share capital is 8.10 crores, Reserves are at Rs.37.92 crores and profit has touched 2.31 crores. The Bank was consistently awarded 'A' Grade in Audit rating and has satisfied all norms of RBI. The Bank is marching towards Scheduled status rapidly and the same will be achieved this year. Core Banking solution is getting ready and all the branches will be linked to the head office by networking system and anywhere banking will commence soon, which will greatly enhance the Bank's image and will improve the customer's satisfaction. The Bank's journey for the last 34 years upto Core Banking, Automation, etc., was full of ups and downs.

On 06-04-2005, Sahebraoji Deshmukh left this world, giving a rude shock to family members, friends, Bank members and others. In the annual general meeting of the Shareholders of the Bank held on 07-08-05, all the participants passed a unanimous resolution to change the name of the Bank from the Shramik Sahakari Bank Limited to The Sahebrao Deshmukh Co-operative Bank Limited (S.D.C. Bank Ltd.). The RBI has given permission to change the name of the bank and Bank will now be known as S.D.C. Bank.

With new name, new logo, new mindset, adoption of new technology, the Bank will be sure to achieve new height of success and will work hard to reach the top among all other co-operative.

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