Term deposit

The term Fixed Deposits means deposits which are not repayable on demand but is repayable after the

expiry of a fixed period. In the case of these deposits, the period of deposit is fixed at the time of opening
the account and making the deposit. The period of deposit should not be less than 15 days or as per the
instruction given by the Bank. Each time, deposit is a separate contract and no change in terms and
conditions is permissible except under statutory obligations as per R.B.I. directives, till the deposit
matures for payment.
SDC Bank’s Deposit Schemes :
  • Dam Duppat Deposit
  • Kamdhenu Deposit
  • TERM Deposit – Yearly
  • TERM Deposit – Half Yearly
  • TERM Deposit – Quarterly
  • TERM Deposit – Short Term
  • Fixed Deposit – Monthly
  • Recurring Deposit
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